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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


PMS & SMS adalah dua pekara yang berlainan ya. Tiada kait mait langsung kecuali SMS tu berbaur kekecewaan yg telah menguris hati si pengidap PMS tu.. Haaaa... Itu br ade kait mait. Tp sikit jelah x byk. Ciput je. PSM ialah Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) (also called PMT or premenstrual tension).
  • The exact cause of PMS, headaches and depression are unknown. In fact, it is not known why some women have severe symptoms, some have mild ones, while others have none. It is generally believed that PMS, migraine and depression stem from neurochemical changes within the brain. Hormonal factors, such as estrogen levels, had not been appreciated until recent studies.
  • The female hormone estrogen starts to rise after menstruation and peaks around mid-cycle (ovulation). It then rapidly drops only to slowly rise and then fall again in the time before menstruation. Estrogen hold fluid and with increasing estrogen comes fluid retention: many women report weight gains of five pounds premenstrually. Estrogen has a central neurologic effect: it can contribute to increase brain activity and even seizures. Estrogen can also contribute to retention of salt and a drop in blood sugar. PMS patients and migraineurs benefit from both salt and sugar restriction and a mild diuretic.
Normally kita-kita pempuan ni akan kena a week before period or a few days before kan? Can also called as mood swing. When semua benda pun nak angin. Kejup kang nak nagis, kejup kang gelak happy-happy. Sat lagi kang emo. Well that is what you called PSM. Senang tersentap. It happen to me everymonth. Well bukan I sorg je, semua pun kan?

But boys selalu kadang2 x faham kan. Or dorg buat2 x fhm? X fhm I. Hahahaa.. Barapa byk x faham daaa.. I just got my lovely dovey PMS a few days back. So sume je nak tersentap, nak emo. Bukan I nak. But then sometimes En Azrilrizal ni x faham2 pulak my situation :( I did not ask for it. Tanyalah mana2 perempuan pun. Mesti tak nak kan? Dala kadang2 ade yg skt before period. X syiok kan? Bila kita explain "I faham... I faham.." End up I tgk mcm x faham2 juga. Mcm mana? Rasa mcm nk bg je PMS tu kat dia. I wish I could.

But I kalo PMS, still lg melayan En Azrilrizal. Kata sayang kann.. Tp tulah, kadang2 skt ati jg. But in the end of the day. I tau I x bole kalo dia xde. I cant image what my life would be without him. 5 yrs and in a few months our relationship will be 6yrs. Been there for his ups and down. He was also there for my ups and down. Since my mum pass away dia da ade dgn I. So, I x bole kalau dia xde. Last Sunday Mak En Azrilrizal srh kumpul duit utk kawin. Siapa x nak. Semua yang in relationship nak end up with tie knot kann.. Well for me, I hope I will have my happy ending. Cuma nya bukan masa terdekat ni sbb I pun br je nak abes intern. Nak cr kerja lagi. Then br bole kumpul duit.
En Azrilrizal dan I ade impian masing2 before we want to setel down. I guess lepas da both of us punya impian tercapai, we will talk about marrige ;) Apa impian tu, biarlah rahsia :)

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