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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birtday

It's been a while x update blog.. Ptt nk ber-blogging psl azam Maal Hijrah I which I da start pakai tudung (Alhamdullilah) ;) ahaks! Nantila bile broadband da bisa pakai, I will update more about my new look (waaaaahhhh! Ckp mcm artis plak! Perasan sungguh kau Qila!) Sbb update pkai fon sshla!

Well today 14.1.2010 is my late mum punya birthday. If mummy still around she will be 58 this year. Sounds old but she must still be pretty. That's for sure!
I really miss her. Miss her so much! Miss everything about her.
Hopefully Mummy tenang di sana & roh nya di cucuri rahmat. Amin! Al-fatihah..

Lots of love, from me....